I live in the world of grandbabies. My world revolves around my babies. I am so blessed that 3 of the grandbabies (oh ya and their parents too ..lol) live on the opposite end of our house. They give Nana a reason to get out of bed in the morning! My other grandbabies come and visit too, and Nana loves having them visit too! Everyone that said grandbabies are more fun than your own children were right. All this time I thought they were crazy, until I got my first grandbaby. I am still in awe over how much you can love a child that you didn't give birth to. Of course I love my daughters too, but not near as much as my grandbabies! lol Nana loves you Kaylee, Allan, Clayton, Isabel, and Keegan!

Monday, September 27, 2010

My baby girl is moving home...Yippee!

We just found out that our daughter & Eric will be moving home this weekend!  I'm so excited!  My first granddaughter is due to arrive in December and I'm so excited they will be living with us!  Eric was able to transfer to a campus closer to our house at the end of this semester so they would have lots of family and friends around if they need any help with little Kaylee Dawn.  I can't wait....is it Friday yet?

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